Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Travels (travails)

Travels (travails?)

Returned from Washington, D.C., last night without incident, until we landed in a blizzard. Deborah and I had to wait two hours at the airport while Joel valiantly struggled through snow, ice, and stalled traffic to pick us up. It took us as much time to get home from the airport as to get to Minneapolis from D.C.!

Then today I was driving Liv to her guitar lesson when a man passing me on the freeway pointed out our flat tire (I had thought it was just ice in the wheel wells). We limped into the bank lot where IAC is located and Auntie Janelle quickly pulled on her boots and drove Liv to her lesson on Summit Avenue. Although we have AAA, they were backed up and wouldn't be able to get there for two hours, so I swallowed my pride and asked the bank parking lot guys to help me. They threw themselves into the task enthusiastically, both crawling on their bellies to find the proper spot to place the jack. I felt very guilty, but they wouldn't quit. I was even able to pick Liv up on time. So THANKS freeway stranger, Janelle, Mike, and Billy!